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FKM Gasket for DIN11851 and DIN11850 Union Coupling

FKM Gasket for DIN11851 and DIN11850 Union Coupling

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DIN gaskets are designed specifically for DIN fittings. The underside of the gasket is flat and butts up against the welding liner's flat face, while the top side has a rounded edge which fits nicely into the groove of the welding male. The round nut then joins the liner and male compressing the gasket creating a tight seal. Gaskets are matched to other DIN fittings based on the metric sizing (Ie: A 40mm gasket is used for any DIN fitting that is 40mm, including any Imperial (inch-based) fittings that are also listed as 40mm).
  • material: fkm.
  • size: DN10 to DN150.
  • din11851 and din11850 share the same gasket dimensions.
  • one order one piece gasket.
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