Guide of Sanitary Valves

Guide of Sanitary Valves

Sanitary valves are widely used in our daily life, we can see them everywhere. There are many different types of sanitary valves used in different fields. Today, this article will give you a brief introduction of sanitary valves, what’s more, we will inform you of different kinds of sanitary valves. Last but not least, we will tell you the function of hygienic ball valves.


List: 1. Introduction of Sanitary Valves

         2. Different Kinds of Sanitary Valves

         3. Function of Hygienic Ball Valves

Introduction of Sanitary Valves

Hygienic valves refer to valve fittings used in places with high hygiene requirements in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. The general procurement is the configuration of the pharmaceutical or food factory for maintenance and related equipment. The purchaser is basically a pharmaceutical, food equipment system integrator and buy wholesale.


Hygienic valves are designed for applications requiring cleaning or aseptic treatment. For valves to be considered sanitary, they must have no cracks or cavities that capture the medium in which bacteria can feed and reproduce. The wetted surface (contact with the process medium) must be polished and the radius must be the smallest size to avoid media adhesion or trapped. Although plastics, brass and other materials can be used for health applications, stainless steel is considered preferred by most people. Our types of sanitary valves include butterfly, bi-directional ball, tee ball and corner seat valves.


Different Kinds of Sanitary Valves

Stainless steel sanitary butterfly valve, three-piece butterfly valve, quick-install also known as tri clamp butterfly valve, round screw butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve stainless steel sanitary diaphragm valve, sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valve, stainless steel sanitary U-tube diaphragm valve stainless steel sanitary ball valve, dairy ball valve, sanitary grade ball valve 3P, sanitary ball valve 2P, no dead angle, with ball valve, sanitary clamp ball valve. Stainless steel sanitary check valves, welded check valves, sanitary three-way plug valves, sanitary manual shut-off valves, T-shaped stop valves, sampling valves, sanitary regulators and other sanitary valves.


Function of Hygienic Ball Valves

The opening and closing member (sphere) is a valve that is driven by the valve stem and rotates around the axis of the valve stem. It is mainly used to cut off or turn on the medium in the pipeline, and can also be used for fluid regulation and control.


The stainless steel sanitary ball valve is made of SUS304 and 316L, which can meet the special requirements of various media in the field of food and bio-pharmaceutics. Its smooth, seamless and automatic emptying of the manual fluid channel is also very suitable for the need of steam to clean it in place. In the manufacturing process, the quality control is strictly carried out in accordance with the sanitary grade requirements.


Hygienic ball valves are designed for material handling and flow control and are widely used in food, brewing, dairy, beverage processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Hygienic ball valves have a completely penetrating valve cavity design that does not create any fluid resistance. Suitable for handling fluids with viscous or particulate matter.


The sanitary ball valve is certified to a sanitary standard and provides a material inspection report. The standard product can realize the connection between imported domestic brand standard products, and can provide feedback signal according to customer requirements. The flow resistance is the smallest, the fluid can get the maximum flow rate, and it has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and high temperature resistance. It can meet the special requirements of various media in the field of food and bio-pharmaceutics. Its smooth, seamless and automatic emptying of the manual fluid channel is also very suitable for the cleaning of other CIP in-situ steam.


From the information given above, we can know well about sanitary valves, also, we know the usages of hygienic ball valves. We hope you can get what you want from this article.


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